• Overview

    Lyvgen is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel therapies for cancer. Lyvgen’s xLinkAb™ functional platform creates agonist antibodies (Abs) with tumor-localized immunostimulatory activities by balancing multiple functions of candidate Abs. Lyvgen’s most advanced programs include LVGN6051, a monoclonal antibody (mAb) agonist for CD137/4-1BB, LVGN7409, a mAb agonist for CD40, LVGN1673, a bispecific antibody (BsAb) blocking PD-L1 and trapping TGFβ1/2/3, and anti-PD-1 blocking antibody LVGN3616. Lyvgen has initiated Phase I clinical trial of LVGN6051 alone or in combination with anti-PD-1 antibody in the USA. Lyvgen plans to start Phase I testing of LVGN6051 in China, LVGN7409 and LVGN1673 globally. Lyvgen employs over 35 scientists with global pharmaceutical research and development experiences at its research sites in China and the USA.


    Management Team

    Jieyi Wang, Ph.D.


    Dr. Wang founded Lyvgen and dedicated its research and development to world leading Immuno-Oncology (IO) therapeutics to meet patients needs, contributing to the better understanding of tumor immuno-infiltration, tumor immunity and structure and function of IO therapeutic antibodies. Prior to founding Lyvgen, Dr. Wang worked at Abbott/ AbbVie for 22 years in Oncology R&D and led research teams to deliver multiple antibody protein drugs into clinical development.

    Xiaofeng Liu, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President

    Dr. Liu provides leadership and oversight of Lyvgen CMC operation and development, including process and analytical development, qualification and validation strategies, planning and execution. As a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Dr. Liu brings near 20 years management and technical experience in executions of more than 20 biologics at all CMC development stages. Prior to joining Lyvgen, Dr. Liu held senior leadership positions at Epitomics, Armo Biosciences, Versartis, Nektar Therapeutics and Sutro Biopharma.

    "I am very appreciative and passionate about the Lyvgen mission, culture and team. Together, let us provide patients and society with more efficacious and safer therapy."

    Yi Wu, Ph.D.

    Senior Director

    Research and Development

    Since our first innovative agonist anti-CD137/4-1BB antibody developed in 2017, our global IO pipeline has grown substantially, exemplified by a series of bispecific Abs entering our in-house GMP-CMC manufacture phase. My goal is to transform scientific innovation into practice-changing cancer drugs by working closely with experienced Dr.Jieyi Wang and our talented down-to-earth team members.

    Tony Tang, MD, Ph.D.

    Vice President

    Clinical Development

    Lyvgen is a clinical stage biotech company focused on immunotherapy for cancer patients. Lead by an experienced management team, we are trying to bring the cutting-edge new medicines into the market through innovative science and effective management. Currently, we have already developed an early pipeline of innovative antibodies including PD-1 antibody and a unique set of proprietary co-stimulation agonist antibodies with the potential to become first-in-class and best-in-class biotherapeutics. I joined Lyvgen in November 2019 as the head of clinical development and safety. Prior to joining Lyvgen, I served at various companies of different clinical development and safety roles, including Genentech, Fibrogen, Cytomx.I received my MD from Fudan University, and PhD in Microbiology & Immunology from University of Southern California.

    Lynn Jiang, Ph.D.

    Vice President
    Clinical Operation

    Though Lyvgen is a startup biopharma company, it is committed to deliver innovative medicines to help millions of cancer patients around the world. Lyvgen’s mission aligns with my life-long passion. Ever since college, my education and work experiences have been focused on the drug discovery and development. Lyvgen’s culture is science-driving and delivery-oriented which attracts and retains talented professionals at every level. Lyvgen’s management is efficient and effective, and every role takes its accountabilities. I have faith on Lyvgen to successfully innovate new drugs that tackle diseases and ultimately save patients’ lives, or improve their quality of life. I enjoy my expertise can be put in good use, and feel fulfill while career development growing with the success of Lyvgen. As a clinical operations lead, I am accountable for overall operational execution to ensure Lyvgen’s mission accomplished, and responsible for setting executional priorities and strategic clinical operational alignment with clinical programs.

    Hao Wang

    Senior Director
    General Operation

    As one of the earliest members of Lyvgen family, I experienced the dynamic progress of Lyvgen. Our team provides stability to the company. We maintain the infrastructures that work to accomplish the needs of the others in Lyvgen to create the larger outcome.

    Jingjing Liu

    Human Resource

    By incorporating my knowledge of best HR practices into my daily life, I effectively support our company strategic goals and direction, especially by recruiting the talent to catch up the high growth rate of Lyvgen. I'm also responsible for diversity and inclusion initiatives to build positive relationships, balancing results with a concern for the needs of others.