• Research

    We seek completely new therapeutic effects and cures through innovative drugs. We believe that it takes a community to build a great medicine. Using our website and other media, we provide information and create venues for patients, caregivers, researchers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to communicate with each other, accelerating worldwide cancer treatment development. We believe that initiatives such as these are a must for Lyvgen.
    Lyvgen’s mission is to obtain regulatory approval for drugs that extend and improve the lives of cancer patients, by:

    • Inviting Patients & Caregivers to participate in our clinical trials
    • Encouraging researchers to share their innovative discoveries
    • Collaborating with other biotech/pharma companies around the world in clinical development and sharing information regarding safety, quality and other aspects


    Our Capabilities

    Why Lyvgen as a Partner

    Lyvgen is today a well-established biopharmaceutical company that thanks to its own R&D activities, to partnerships and acquisitions has grown into an International player with a strong and growing interest in oncology.
    We have:

    • Proven R&D experience in developing next-generation agonistic co-stimulatory immune checkpoint monoclonal and bispecific antibodies
    • Financially sound to support R&D investments.
    • Long-standing track record and commitment to partnering.

    Our Needs


    What we are looking for

    We seek:

    • Partners for our R&D projects