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    CMC FD

    Senior Scientist


    Function overview
    Preparation team leader, responsible for preparation of antibody preparation, stability research, preparation and production of CMO, clinical declaration and process changes

    1. Responsible for the early molecule feasibility study and evaluation of the antibody project, supporting the project's developability at the CMC stage
    2. Responsible for leading the team to complete formulation development to meet the needs of clinical samples for stability and quality control
    3. Responsible for reviewing the outsourcing GMP preparation production process and stability research program, proficient in risk assessment, and leading to solve the problems encountered in production
    4. Lead to solve bottlenecks or difficult technical problems encountered in development, and publish scientific research articles and patents
    5. Participate in the preparation and writing of the preparation part of the clinical declaration data; support the process changes and declaration during the clinical period
    6. Follow the research direction of new technologies in the industry, propose internal feasibility plan, and lead its implementation

    Job requirements
    Job requirements (education, age, experience, quality, etc.):
    1. Doctor degree (chemistry, chemical/biological engineering or related), industry experience 0-2 years
    2. Understand the molecular structure and force of protein/antibody, familiar with and master various preparation technologies and use of analytical instruments
    3. Good ability to independently solve technical problems, familiar with preparation development process and content, and have a good understanding of pharmacopoeia and regulations
    4. Focus on group collaboration, with good understanding and communication skills
    5. Good English reading and writing skills, fluent oral English is preferred


    If you are interested, please contact us at the following address: careers@lyvgen.com or send us a message